Turn The Page To The Future

This brochure designed for Eduonix Learning Solutions focused on taking the concept of education and training and giving it a creative spin, complete with - a pop of color, and a dash of typography.

Analytics Meets Function

Designing a logo for Kaltics - a robust analytics platform that helps businesses see real time data and improvise functions accordingly.

A Logo That Means Business

We really enjoyed creating this upbeat logo for CodeBlu, a brilliant solution helping businesses upskill their employees and truly unlocking their potential.

Designs That Communicate

Uncommon, yet relatable. Our team designed some incredible T-Shirts, Caps and other sporty wear for a ‘God Of Rap’ event hosted by Discover Resorts.

Find beauty in self-care

These danglers and some other brilliant in-store marketing collaterals designed by our team for Sujanil’s leading product LiCel did wonders.

Pitch Please

We’ve designed some incredible decks for some incredible companies. Customized to their brand, logo, and color codes, each pitch stands unique and unlike any template on the market.