CASE STUDY: Aurassist Website


We are excited to introduce Aurassist, a revolutionary medical assistance company created by Aura Group. Leveraging their extensive experience of studying the unique requirements of travelers, medical professionals, and businesses for over 25 years, Aura Group has developed Aurassist to bring their exceptional healthcare and hospitality expertise directly to you.


  1. As Aurassist was a new company, we faced the task of building their website from the ground up. This required careful planning, collaboration, and attention to detail to ensure a successful online presence for the brand.

  2. Being a newly established company, Aurassist needed a strong online presence to reach their target audience effectively. Our team had to work diligently to create a website that showcased their brand identity and values, establishing them as a credible and trustworthy medical assistance provider in the digital realm.

  3. Aurassist offered a wide range of services, which acted as a challenge in presenting all the information in a cohesive and organized manner. Their content had to be structured and organized.

  4. Understanding that healthcare decisions can be daunting for individuals, our designers had to focus on creating an identity for Aurassist that instilled confidence and credibility in users.


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Website Development Services

We wove an immersive storytelling experience into Aurassist's website, starting from a blank canvas. Our collaborative process with Aurassist allowed us to deeply understand their aspirations and translate them into a visually captivating and functionally seamless website. Leveraging the latest web development technologies and industry best practices, we carefully crafted each element to align with Aurassist's brand story, creating a compelling online narrative that resonates with their audience.

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Website Redesign Services

Our designers created a visually appealing design that captivated the global audience Aurassist sought to attract. With modern design elements, captivating imagery, and a user-friendly interface, we ensured an engaging and memorable experience for visitors. The design was optimized for various devices and screen sizes, guaranteeing a seamless user experience worldwide.

SEO Optimization

We helped Aurassist establish a strong online presence by developing a robust strategy. Through search engine optimization (SEO), social media integration, and website optimization, we improved visibility in search results, increased brand exposure, and enhanced user experience, ensuring a significant online impact.

Content Management

Aurassist offered a wide range of services, and organizing the extensive content was a challenge. We streamlined Aurassist's extensive content by employing effective content management techniques. Through categorization, clear navigation menus, and intuitive information architecture, we ensured visitors could easily find the relevant information they needed. This streamlined approach enabled effortless navigation and quick access to the specific services visitors required.

Strategic Design

We understood the importance of establishing credibility in the healthcare industry. We implemented strategic design elements, such as testimonials, and professional imagery, to evoke trust and credibility among users. Clear and concise messaging was incorporated throughout the website to highlight Aurassist's expertise, compassion, and commitment to delivering exceptional medical assistance services.