CASE STUDY: Fixity Website


FixityTech is a leading provider of high-impact staffing solutions, specializing in optimizing workforce infrastructure for growth and productivity. With 18 years of experience in Staffing & Workforce Management, FixityTech has served diverse IT clients, including Fortune 500 companies. Their exceptional services and track record establish them as a trusted partner across various industries.


    1. FixityTech’s website suffered from an outdated design that did not align with modern web standards. The overall appearance and user experience were not up to par, potentially leaving visitors with a negative impression and undermining their credibility.

    2. The services and technology offered by FixityTech were not effectively showcased on their website. This lack of updates and information could have hindered potential clients from fully understanding the range of services and innovative solutions that FixityTech could provide.

    3. The existing website failed to accurately reflect FixityTech’s company culture and its business structure. The website content, imagery, and overall design did not effectively convey the core values, ethos, and structure of the company, potentially leading to a disconnect with potential clients and partners.


Design Strategy

We crafted a captivating design strategy that incorporated the power of storytelling, placing the needs and preferences of FixityTech's end users at its core. Our goal was to create a website that not only offered an intuitive and engaging experience but also told a compelling narrative. Every aspect of the design was carefully considered to guide visitors seamlessly through the website, enabling them to effortlessly navigate and discover relevant information. By infusing storytelling elements into the design, we aimed to captivate users, evoke emotions, and create a memorable experience that resonates with FixityTech's audience.

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Website Redesign Services

Our team worked closely with FixityTech to update and polish all the necessary information on their website. This included their service offerings, technology updates, and any other relevant content. By presenting accurate and up-to-date information, FixityTech's credibility was significantly enhanced.

SEO Optimization

We also optimized the website to effectively express FixityTech's dynamic company culture and business structure. Through visually appealing elements, such as imagery, color schemes, and interactive features, the website now reflects the essence of FixityTech's unique culture and organizational structure.