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A little less conversation, A little more action

Elvis was onto something. Little did he know when he released this minor hit in 1968, that years later we would be making it our mantra.

Regarding marketing, we have learned that sometimes saying less, or saying nothing at all, has more of an impact. As we talk more about personalization, it involves your brand personalizing everything your customer experiences, including the content. You don’t want just to market the product with its features, you want to market the product with features that matter to that particular customer. 

To reiterate, Content Is Not King – Relevant Content Is King. 

  1. Researched Material:

Frequent content is no longer the best strategy forward. Because social media is so crowded, brands today feel like they need to generate more content, in a shorter span of time in order to get noticed. But sometimes the best strategy is to take a step back. Develop content that is researched and more applicable to your customers. 

For example:  If you’re a skin-care focussed brand launching a body scrub – Don’t push out 5 different posts of your body scrub in use. Instead focus on creating posts that show your end users the benefits of using a body scrub, and then pitch your product. This way you establish your industry expertise and ensure there’s quality content, not just quantity. 

  1. Don’t waste content:

We see this happening with many brands. They produce more content and get less use out of it. Get the most out of the pieces you generate by promoting each piece effectively.

  1. You can do this by re-posting them on 3rd Party Websites like medium, Quora, etc. 
  2. Engage in influencer marketing to make sure you build more channels to promote the same piece of content.
  3. Re-distribute that content through email campaigns and give your audience another channel to experience your offer. 

3. Focus on long-form content:

When you create lesser pieces of content, you get the time to focus on increasing the quality of each piece. For example, you can spend more time creating blogs, case studies, or reports that add value and importance to your product/service. In fact, when you write long-form content, you can only do it from a place of knowledge and understanding. This helps give you credibility within your field and build trust among your users. 

You can also focus on giving your users a story. It is easier for them to connect with a story than it is for them to connect to a product. 

These are just a few ways for you to become The King of Rock and Roll, sorry, The King of Content.

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