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5 Mistakes Every D2C Brand Makes

55% of customers prefer to buy products directly from the brand – Sound encouraging? D2C brands are booming. You would find it hard to log on to any social media channel and not come across an e-commerce brand trying to entice you. 

But is it foolproof? No. Even with a monumental number of D2C brands popping up every day, not every one of them will succeed. So here are 5 of the most common mistakes D2C brands make that lead to their demise. 

  1. No Personalisation:

70% of millennials are frustrated with brands sending irrelevant emails. – SmarterHQ. In order to be a successful D2C brand, consumer-centric marketing is imperative. For example 75% of Netflix’s viewership comes from the recommendation engine suggestions. So if your brand is looking to succeed, customize your offerings and your marketing to customer behavior. 

  1. Ineffective search function:

Make your customer’s purchase journey simple. Lack of auto-suggest, irrelevant search results or an overall poor search experience can turn your customer away. Ensure you create a personalized shopping experience by increasing categories and using natural language understanding. If they can find it – chances are they’ll buy it. 

  1. Campaigns That Aren’t Optimized:

It’s been proven that there’s a 15% higher open rate and a 101% higher chance of click-throughs (HubSpot) when you segment your users for campaigns. Don’t just run vague campaigns. When we say segment – most marketers immediately think of geographical, behavioral, or demographical. But the world isn’t that simple anymore. It is better to segment your customers based on specific purchasing behavior.

  1. Are they more likely to purchase?
  2. Are they more likely to abandon cart?
  3. Are they more likely to purchase with a coupon?

Etc. You get the drift. 

  1. Retarget. Retarget. Retarget. :

A Study by Episerver claims that 92% of the users that visit your website – are not there to make a purchase. Most users that visit your website for the first time, are there to digest your collection, understand what you have to offer, and ponder the decision to buy.

This is where retargeting and remarketing come in. Craft campaigns directed toward customers that have already been to your website. Even personalized emails designed with content unique to a customer’s behavior will give them an incentive to buy. A great example is cart abandonment emails. In fact, add a time-sensitive discount and your customer is now pushed further towards the purchase-making decision.

  1. Poor Customer Experience: The last few years have pushed brands to realize the importance of being online. With more brands online, your customer has more options now than ever before. More options – lead to higher expectations.

    Bad UI/UX, a slow website, slow deliveries, unsatisfactory customer care response etc can cause your customer to turn to another brand. Identify the points at which your customer will need to engage with you, and ensure that their experience at each of these points is beyond their expectation. 

In Conclusion:

As an agency, we love our D2C clients. There’s a brilliant future for D2C brands and we would like to be a part of that. In order to ensure you are one of these successful D2C players – follow these 5 rules and watch your brand grow.

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