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Order Confirmation Emails – Make Them Fun!

We have always felt that shopping is a little like dating. 

You know that initial rush when you find something new? 

The wonder – can this be the product for me? 

Do you imagine what you’d look like together?

How long will the two of you last?

Needless to say, every purchase is a process. Our customers are constantly battling whether our product is worth it. And when they finally make that purchase – it is a rush! You’re excited, anxious, and impatient. 

What are Order Confirmation Mails?

There’s little need to explain the concept, but Order Confirmation Emails are transactional emails sent to a customer post an online purchase, giving your customer information about the order, the products, tracking, delivery, etc. They are usually sent between 5 – 60 minutes post-purchase. Sound boring?

Surprisingly – it isn’t! Order confirmation emails have one of the highest open rates – about 70%! They serve a distinct purpose. Your customers wait for these emails. Unlike other emails, even the re-open rate of these is higher as customers go back to re-confirm information about the purchase or delivery.

So they are not just an email. They are an emotion. Order Confirmation Emails are the first step that validates your customer’s shopping excitement!

So what makes a GOOD Order Confirmation Email?

Subject Line: You can keep it simple and to the point, saying ‘Order #17920 Confirmed’. But why? When you can add a little pizzaz with:

  • Woohoo! Your Order #17920 has been accepted!
  • Guess What? Order #17920 is confirmed!
  • Christmas came early! Order #17920 has been placed!

Say my name: When we read “Dear Customer”, we automatically think – now what?. So personalize your email. Start it with a simple greeting that addresses your customer by Name. “Hello, Jane! Thank you for choosing ‘Brand Name’ ”

Clear information:  Your customer is opening this email so that they can know everything possible about that purchase. Make sure your email contains:

  • Order Number
  • Products purchased (Preferably with images)
  • Mode of Shipping and Estimated Date of Arrival
  • Both Addresses – Shipping & Billing

Access To Support: Ensure your customer has access to information in case of any discrepancies with the order. Common FAQs or mishaps that can occur should be addressed in the email with a simple link to said resources. Make your customers feel safe by giving them access to support as well, through a support email address or a customer care number.

A Sensible Footer: Your footer should have all the necessary information your customer needs to feel comforted. As we mentioned in the point above, share your contact information, access to your social media handles, and the choice to unsubscribe 🙂

If you would like our help to conceptualize, create and run your next email marketing campaign – we’re a click away!