How to write a GREAT Brand Story – 3 easy steps


It’s a battlefield out there. Digital Marketers going on days of binge campaign creating. Designers, putting war paint on their graphics. Copy writers are taking risky wordplay decisions. It feels almost impossible to win this ‘War Of The Brands’. 

But, maybe you can? Every great brand starts with an immersive story. With your competitors investing more and building more, the only thing you have that no one else does – is your story.


Step 1: Don’t fabricate. Keep it original. The first place most users go to read about the company in on your website ‘About Us’ page. So be honest and fill your About Page with the real reason behind your service, product or even vision. Don’t talk about your plan“ Change-The-World”, but talk about the change you experienced. Personify your company, and let your users see you are not selling them something. You are building a relationship with them.

Step 2: Words are not weapons. Careful with your words. Sometimes, writers tend to write complicated copies. I love that line – “Your readers are not dumb, they’re distracted” – Sonia Simone Write simple. Your users need to understand your story, in order to relate to it. If you’re going to come up with puns and taglines with double meanings – that’s an inside joke that your users WON’T understand. You just alienated them. Step 3: Just ask. Yes, just ask. You want your users to fill up a form? Just ask them. Don’t wrap it up in some clickbait-ey line. You would be surprised what an honest request can do for your pipeline. You want your customers to be drawn to you. What’s more appealing than a brand being point blank honest with them. (We are a dying breed) Since we are being transparent. It’s time for me to ask – Will you get in touch with us? We’re a growing Branding Agency that lives on creating innovative design and sustainable brand strategies.

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